Silva Type

It’s often repeated because it makes sense: an effective message starts with the right script. But it’s surprising how often we forget “the basics”. Establishing an intelligent, coherent message can often be simple, if not particularly easy. It starts by clearly defining the audience and then crafting the message that appeals to them, using language that’s precise, vivid and on point.

I have decades of creative writing experience for broadcast, corporate video, the Web, sketch & character comedy, and training & promotional materials. I’ve written everything from theater performance pieces to corporate video, awards ceremonies to radio bits, broadcast copy to training content. If you want a message that’s focused … but with a little SilvaLines “spin on the ball”, I’ve been crafting them for years.

If I can assist with your project, whether as a writer, editor or just to brainstorm, contact me. Details about specific projects and script samples are available upon request.